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Former advertising professional with more than 25 years of corporate experience in advertising and media. Kate is a leader, manager and a motivator who transformed her team to be the go-to source for an entire media conglomerate, FOX Broadcasting Company. Kate has unparalleled expertise in interpreting and analyzing data and behavior and translating them into actionable insights for small, medium and Fortune 500 clients. In addition to studying and analyzing behavior Kate has also mentored interns, helped veterans adjust to civilian life and helped find their new careers, and empowered women while volunteering at Dress for Success. She has worked with and trained sales and marketing teams to be well versed and have a clear understanding of industry terminology and methodology, and that knowledge translated into power.  Having an in-depth understanding for qualitative and quantitative research has been effective in deploying strategic strategies for clients and internal teams. Who better at turning around woefully morale compromised teams than a decisive, skilled problem solver and storyteller who provides proven and comprehensive solutions to challenging problems.

Kate Arbit

Workplace Happiness Architect


BS International Business & Marketing - NYU Stern School of Business


High Stakes Leadership: University of Michigan

Science of Well Being: Yale University

Organizational Analysis: Stanford University

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Corporate marketing strategist meets mindset alchemist. A Registered Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (RScP), Lori brings over 15 years in NYC's media and publishing sector and another 25 running the sassy, Freakin' Genius Marketing agency to where she's at in marketing, branding, mentoring and leadership coaching. The proof is in the pudding as her tangible techniques and resources for shifting staff and organizational mindset change workplaces. These transformational techniques remove mindset stickiness, promote overall organizational and interdepartmental alignment and individual happiness while improving workplace morale and corporate buy-in.  The means to the end: improving overall organizational sustainability, maximizing bottom line profits, and making the planet a better place to live and work. Everyone deserves their right work. Following one's dharmic purpose creates kick-ass corporate altruism, corporate loyalty, and a hell of a place to work!  

Heidi Katz, BS Pharm, RPH

Lori Gertz, RScP

Workplace Happiness Architect

P.A. - American Psychological Association 

Society of Consulting Psychology

Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict & Violence

Society for Personality & Social Psychology

BA Sociology/Journalism - University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Social Psychology: Wesleyan University

Psychological First Aid: Johns Hopkins University

High Stakes Leadership: University of Michigan

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