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Removing Bullying & Hostility in the Workplace through mindful non-coercion, non-degradation, and non-establishment techniques 

Recovery Model for Team and Organizational Development & Transformation

The Struggle of Hostility and Bully behavior in the Workplace


Challenges in the workplace seem unsolvable, when they are covered with emotional and internally political intrigue, have great uncertainty and involve a discovery process. How can hostility and defiance in the workplace be addressed if anxiety, fear, self-centricity, hubris and authoritarianism rule? 

Moral and workplace mindset challenges erupt not because of an absence of analytics or observations and data, but as a result of a lack of spiritual and psychological maturity in leadership. Impatience, unwillingness to explore problems deeply enough, and insufficient ability to be sensitive to other voices and schools of thought fuel deep unresolved conflict and instability in many workplaces.

  • Being: Identity & Character

  • Feeling: How Emotions Fuel Conflict & Peacemaking

  • Understanding: Knowing Your Conflicts

  • Hearing: The Art of Active Listening

  • Seeing: The Art of Honest Observation

  • Visioning: Imagining What it Will Be

  • Doing: Transformational Power of Action & Accountability

  • Speaking: The Challenge of Dialogue & Communication

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Sample Techniques for Recognizing & Healing A Toxic Environment

  • Mutual Respect: Not negotiable

  • Workability around Incompatibility

  • Leading Diversity: Different styles Same Outcomes

  • Workplace Transcendence

  • Projection vs Observation - Actions & Words Count

  • Natural Consequences: Reaction vs. Response

  • The Skill of Acknowledging Ability

  • Dance of Defiance: Disengaging & Transforming

  • Proactive approach to Cooperative Communication

  • Looking at What Works 

  • Cognitive Bias: Unraveling Experience

  • Self Esteem or Hubris

  • Leading without Discouragement

  • Acknowledging the Uncomfortable to unfold the Potential

  • Values in Opposition: Journey to New Understanding

  • Workplace Rivalry: Unlikely Competition 

  • Being a Boss Doesn't Mean Being Superior

  • Understanding the Interdependence of All Action

  • Wounded Workers & Office Warriors

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