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Happy Workplace

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Our Technique

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Inspired Action At Work’s programs are designed to achieve your ideal working environment

That includes measuring where you are when you launch your organizational culture reboot efforts, measuring it again after a month, and again after two months to see how you're doing in overall organizational behavior outcomes. We don’t do this in a vacuum. We compare results throughout the first 6 months. 


We identify the behaviors that your employees, teams, leaders and even your customers have created for themselves. The guiding principles in our work to achieve this ideal working environment for you starts with measuring the behaviors not the KPIs. Unlike other consultancies, we specialize in sustainability and the behaviors that support it…that means we focus on the supportive foundations to the KPI’s. Behaviors are repeatable, KPI’s aren’t always. Behaviors are this and this resulting in this KPI.


So, in the end, you know how you are achieving the workplace you want to create and you know exactly how to implement those behaviors to support your KPI growth and expansion goals.  

Our Organizational Transformation VISION

Changing workplace culture to transform organizations 

Our Organizational Transformation MISSION

Creating a culture where leaders and stakeholders have a valuable sense of belonging, unparalleled camaraderie, feel understood and respected, and have genuine care, concern and appreciation for themselves and others

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Outcome: Aligned & Inspired stakeholders sliding into home base and maximizing profits and organizational sustainability. 

Working Together


Contact us to discuss how you can contribute to creating an ideal working environment by making people feel like they're more valuable in your organization.

The Happy Workplace Reflects the World

Through a vision grounded in service to ALL stakeholders  employees develop a sense of purpose where, through their work, they begin to internalize that they are making a difference in other people's lives through which their life has meaning. They develop a sense of membership, community and commitment to the organization wherein they are being understood, appreciated and cared for as the leadership reveals the cultural values they propose. The process of creating this sense of belonging comes of techniques of mindset, relationship building, true appreciative inquiry, collaboration, inclusivity and genuinely caring for those in the organization as well as those they serve. 

Discover. Understand. Learn. Build Intrinsic Meaning. This is the secret to altruistic love of one's work and workplace. 

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