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Management and Leadership Mindset Coaching

Recovery Model for Team and Organizational Development & Transformation

"The only thing human beings who breathe a breath have in common are birth, death and belonging."      ~ Sebene Salassie

Nurturing an organizational culture that is reflective of the constituents and communities served and are respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences at all levels:

Upper Management/Executives​

Middle Management​

Lower Management​

All Levels

  • Mindset​: Release Self Limiting Beliefs

    • Recognizing Different Sensory Styles relate in different "languages" : 

      • Visuals ~ Imagery language ​

      • Tonals ~ Words that infer sounds or listening

      • Kinesthetics ~ Language that expresses feeling and physical sensation

      • Digitals ~ Language Conveying Concepts 

  • Active Listening​ implementation

  • Moving from the Separation realm to Unity Mindset  

  • Observing the fragility of change

  • Learning​ to Learn

  • Building empathy with & for others

  • Celebrating the resilience of human spirit

  • Communicating​ through words & actions

  • Conflict as a means to expansion 

  • Incorporating empowerment of stillness

  • Acknowledging & supporting individual priorities

  • Accountability to self & others

  • Breeding Self Determination vs. Learned Helplessness 

  • Decreasing social loafers and free-riders who benefit from the team but give little in return

  • Increases employee retention and expansion in acquisition with like-minded, aligned talent 

  • Coming together to create a conscious business with these tenets in mind: 

    • Mission & Engagement​

    • Corporate Accountability

    • Ethics & Integrity 

    • Transparency

    • Culture

    • Positive Impact for employees, communities, & the environment 

  • Innovating from within and creating In-trepreneurs to grow your organization​

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Sample Techniques, Tools, and Resources for Creating Workplace Environments of Mutual Respect and High productivity.

  • Intuitive intelligence markers supporting the rise of Noetic Leadership

  • Creation of Individual Codes of Ethical Behavior aligned with value and culture 

  • Pioneering in the practice of managing multiple bottom lines 

    • The Mission ​

    • How we work with one another & create relationship

    • Being Profitable

  • Recognizing, observing and developing clarity around Emotional Elements in the workplace

  • Disconnecting Triangulation Rapport 

  • Creative Resolution through the "Do you mean?" Conversation 

  • Creating rituals, celebrations, and enriched experiences as a cohesive community

  • Working through perceived Self-Image Roles (Scapegoat, golden child, hyper-responsibilty-taker, etc) 

  • Uncertainty vs Certainty practice in Thought Exchange

  • Conflict Resolution: Principled Negotiation - Addressing Emotional Contagion

  • Undercover Boss perspective

  • No More Groupthink 

  • Salient Motivational and Compassionate Messaging in Communication 

  • Cultural Destiny: Organizational Locus of Control 

  • Keeping it Creative: Cooperation does not equal Conformity

  • Assess De-individuation, Group polarization, and other Influences affecting stakeholder behavior

  • Activate Cultural Priming: release what is no longer relevant and find common alignments in value system 

  • Inter/Intra-group dynamics Uncovered 

  • Outraspection as a means to understand others

  • The Intuitive Voice of Leadership - Visioning Process

  • Reframing Work/Life Priorities

  • Transforming Conflict through Active Listening 

  • Blame-Free Non Manipulative Communication

  • Expressing Respect: The ways we are the Same/The ways we are different 

  • Reconsider hierarchy of leadership 

  • Bottom up ideation

  • Proactive approach to Cooperative Communication, reciprocal perspectives and benefits

  • Creating infrastructure around What Works for patterning and repeatability

  • Discuss in the open, what's NOT being talked about

  • Understanding the Interdependence of all action and inaction

  • Playbook: Is the Abilene Paradox leading you astray 

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