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Inspired Action at Work Delivers Aligned & Inspired Stakeholders Maximizing profits and Organizational Sustainability. 

What are your pain points? 

  • Top Management Failure to recognize declines of organizational interpersonal dynamics

  • CYA Actions 

  • Workplace Bullying and hostile interpersonal dynamics

  • Inflexible perfectionism and lack of satisfaction from work

  • Constant Crisis and Reward System

  • Misaligned Departments and One-up-man-ship

  • Non-Committed Employees

  • Lack of Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration

  • Lack of Productivity 

  • Lack of Participation and Buy-In

  • Negative Mindsets, Personality breakdowns, health related problems

  • Dependent Drive to Gain External approval from others 

  • Dissolution of boundaries between home and work life

  • Nonenthusiastic, negative self-worth, negative personal and organizational outcomes 

The Employee's Experience

  • No Job Security/ Stability ​

  • Nervous/Uncertain​

  • Decentralization​

  • Lack of Humanization​

  • Bullying ​

  • Poor Communication​

  • Boredom​

  • Automation/Technology ​

  • Globalization​

  • No Work/Life Balance​

  • Feeling Unappreciated​

  • Lack of Privacy (open space)​

  • No Community

  • No Growth or (Re)education

  • Poor Leadership

  • Unclear governance, dissolved culture and values

  • Unengaged and disloyal

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