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Ditch the Drama

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Remember the days when "drama" ruled our world. It was about friends, dating, gossip, school and work. Remember when most of us used to say "well if he/she doesn't get IT than I'm certainly not explaining IT"". Most of us thought, "ugh, it's just common sense, what is wrong with this person (or really idiot)?". We would get frustrated and break up, fight, yell, cry and get so agitated that we were on the verge of a meltdown.

Fast forward to getting a job and finally being "the boss". We are smarter, more mature, bolder and we also believe that we treat everyone equally. What happens when your employees aren't getting the message, don't understand what is needed, have issues communicating or simply don't agree with you? In the early days, my solution was to huff and puff, roll my eyes, raise my voice, give that "are you dumb" look, and repeat the same thing 100x. This same routine delivered the same result over and over again followed by angst, confusion, fear, frustration, still not getting the job done, and we ended up where we started.

We don't always have the growth mindset talk, the time and tools to help us become a stronger and better manager, or this skill set was never taught to us the proper way. We absorbed what we knew based on our experience and environment, but Inspired Action at Work can help you and your team build stronger and better relationships through:

Signals: Intent vs. impact

Habits: Shifting behaviors to improve relationships one day at a time

Being More Relatable: Find common ground

Understanding: Knowing that no two brains are the same

Signature Strengths: Knowing your and your team's strengths to grow and build skill sets and to increase involvement and enjoyment of the work that your team does

Communication: What message is the person actually receiving

Decision Making: Can we work together or not

These skills have not only helped me grow and become a stronger, better and a more empathetic manager, but also a better friend, parent, wife and person. My team built healthy personal and professional relationships, and became happier and more productive. For me it took years of practice, trial and error and a lot of patience and conversations to come to a place of cohesiveness and being more productive. It's not all sunshine and roses, as with any new project or task we experience many tribulations before we learn what we really want, need and how to achieve it. Inspired Action at Work won't create a workplace Utopia, but we will work with you and your teams to help improve workplace dynamics by identifying problems and creating and implementing customized solutions that will work for you.

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