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Do you relate?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

There are three ways that your employees can relate to the culture of your organization. They can confront, complain, or conform.

When a stakeholder confronts, they believe that their behaviors are the right behaviors. When they complain, they will knowingly or unknowingly isolate into social bubbles of outliers living in segregation within the organization. When they adapt their way to behave, and conform to the value system (broken or otherwise) of your organization's community, they can truly benefit from its diversity. That last point, however, implies that they're observing, learning, understanding the behaviors of others, and adapting their own, so that they fit with the behaviors of the organization.

This is the art of alignment.

When value systems are in sync, their value propositions align with your company's. You are all working towards the same purpose. *Leadership that is grounded in an intrinsic motivation model incorporating vision, altruism, service, kindness and commitment, and overall mindful wellbeing is the answer to a productive, proactive, responsive, passionate workplace.

Consider an inner life, a community within your organization featuring aligned values, common beliefs, and positive and appropriate behaviors that are necessary to motivate a sense of inherent well being, workplace happiness and satisfaction. This creates an empowered, purpose-driven alignment across all areas of the company from the individual employee to the team to the management. Leadership that fosters employee empowerment, organizational purpose, positive performance and social accountability nets the organization a culture EVERYONE can be part of. Inclusivity that leads ultimately to increased productivity and profits. Can you relate?

*International Institute of Spiritual Leadership

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