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Expectations, Habits & Resilience

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Human beings are creatures of habit, and we are resilient. However, when change happens many of us don't know how to handle it, some eventually figure it out while other struggle with it. Most of us are taught from an early age to be strong, not to take crap from anyone, to work hard and this will result in our success. That's exactly what many of us have done. We followed the golden path. We studied, worked hard, experienced personal and professional growth, expanded our network, and achieved a certain professional status. We all chose to travel our individual paths in pursuit of our professional happiness. We learned that some work best in teams, while others love their autonomy, and that our habits are based on our lifestyles and experience. We work well together because we learned how to collaborate, we succeeded for different reasons but the commonality is hard work. Co-workers trusted and depended on us for being smart, tough and getting the job done and you reciprocated in kind. We were GOOD with how things were for a long time.

And then all hell broke loose. Let's Fact it, CHANGE SUCKS,- at least at first.

What happens when the world that you worked so hard to build gets disrupted? What happens when expectations from your company change or you switch jobs/careers? What happens when you have a new team of people but you are used to working autonomously or vice versa? What if you don't like your co-workers? We are resilient but first comes change and that always kicks our butts.

Most established professionals feel that they don't NEED or WANT help to make things better after some type of transition occurs. Why? Because we are creatures of ego and habit (proud and stubborn) . We are used to things being done a certain way, our way...but as 2020 has proved without a shadow of a doubt, things change and we MUST adapt or fail.

How do you relate to this scenario?

A company goes through a transition, a well respected executive goes from having a very small team to a large team. The "leader" does not know how to delegate or manage a team of this size or what to do with them. The exec works late, lives in a total state of exhaustion and shut down communications with the new team (on a need to know basis).

The workload is mounting, but the team leaves early or on time, has no clear direction, is not trained properly, is bored and to a certain extent clueless and most of the team members are getting frustrated as the exclusion from the rest of the organization isn't fulfilling in any way.

Expectations are not being met. Deadlines come and go, the exec continues to stay late, work autonomously and doesn't manage the team. In return, the team becomes intimidated by other departments because members are not included in company goal settings and they are not in the loop. Learning and training go out the window and the workplace environment changes first from pleasant to indifferent, then inevitably to hostile.

Why does this happen more and more in a corporate environment?

The simple answer is that people in high places feel they are fine and don't need any help. The more likely truth is they honestly don't know how to incorporate change in their structure without feeling very uneasy. It's out of their comfort zone to shift reliance onto someone else. They take on too much for numerous reasons such as relevance, lack of trust, no time to train, fear to fail and not knowing how to delegate properly because the exec didn't take the time to get to know the team.

When we are set in our ways but are aware that things need to change, there is no shame in asking for help. We all need a little help when challenged, and learn what adjustments to make for things to improve. We must recognize and acknowledge that when things are not working anymore we need to make a shift, not unlike how we learned in school. In order to be your best professional self one has to become vulnerable and open to new ideas. Inspired Action at Work will work with you [and your team] to help set expectations, form new habits and become a better and stronger leader.

IAAW will take the journey with you and provide you with new ways and resources to connect with your team, lead with clarity and intention, let go of some old habits and create new ones and navigate your workplace in the way you envision it. Don't let pride or hubris stand in the way of change to meet growing demands and expectations. Your road to change and being resilient is not a solo journey anymore. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Call to set up a consultation today.

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