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How do you shift Bias when there is virtually no way to measure it?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

How do you shift Bias when there is virtually no way to measure it?  The fact is you don't because if you have a brain you're automatically bias.  Bias is inherent, implicit and unconscious and impacts decisions based on habits and beliefs.  So, then how do you remove or decrease bias from the workplace?  Change the process rather than the person, and rely on data and not assumptions or intuitions, even from the most seasoned managers. 

To be clear workplace bias is common, but with time it does negatively impact teams, business strategies and even the culture and structure of a company because decisions become based on emotions, perceptions and intuitions rather than data and facts.  

Below are five common biases that occur in the workplace and suggestions on how to break some long standing habits through a different process of thinking.

How do you mitigate bias in the workplace? Look at the facts, build a structure to self-check yourself and collaborate with co-workers to get a better perspective.  When structure and protocols are in place it removes stray thoughts, preconceived assumptions and habitual triggers.   Is your workplace bias front-loaded? Contact Inspired Action at Work today for a free consultation to discuss solutions.

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