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Self Awareness in the Workplace

In an era when soft skills are either non existent or rarely practiced because of pandemic related remote workplace, something crucial has quietly disappeared. Rarely now goes in check one’s self awareness.

Let’s first look at awareness on a macro level.

There are five main categories of human awareness.

Body awareness (Where am I in space? What is my sensory experience? How is my body feeling? )

Mind awareness (What am I thinking? What am I planning to do next? What is my general state of thought?)

Emotional Awareness (What feelings am I experiencing? What are my responses and reactions to my experience now?)

Spiritual awareness (What is my purpose? What is my connection to a greater sense of power?)

Impact Awareness (How am I impacting others in the world? How is my action making a difference?)

As noted, each has a different need and experience with it but foundational to all of them is the sense of SELF awareness - which when you don’t have it, everything feels like it’s happening to you and you have very little control over your own destiny in any and ALL of the areas of awareness.

This is the essence of workplace challenge and toxicity. When the basis of our professional actions come from a place of feeling no sense of control over our own domain, we resort to almost childlike frustration. So, like everything else, it all starts with our own perspective. (see other blog on perspective bias)

Self Awareness begins with asking questions like (Who am I? What am I? Where am I? When am I…? Why am I… and How am I?) The most powerful of those questions to develop self awareness are: Where am I? and When am I...? to insure you become the most powerful you in the other 5 awareness areas.

Reflecting on the self in this intensely intimate way enables you to discern your being-ness from your experience. To be able to step away from the myopic perception of what is happening TO or AROUND you and see that it, the experience, doesn’t define you or trap you in its definition. It is in the differentiation of the self from what is going on outside of the self, that we find liberation AND the power to excel in the other 5 areas of awareness, and thereby happiness in the experience of engagement with our environment and others.

Inspired Action at Work is not about a one-off weekend workshop or incessant group Zoom sessions of forced Kumbayah sharing. Inspired Action at Work is individualized attention to the stakeholder on a personal-experience level. Shifting mindset and calling attention to aspects of the human experience that strengthen and empower the workplace and the resulting work. We work with all levels of management and staff identifying weak areas of self identification that compromises the manner in which they work, lead others and enjoy life. Interactive experiences take IAAW clients to new heights of self understanding, internal motivation, meaning and purpose and ROI/KPI’s SOAR as a result.

Contact us today for a sample session and to explore how such customized support can empower your company’s teams.

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