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The key impacts to Workplace Culture

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Many people ask, with a true compassionate yearning to know, HOW do I assess my workplace and where do I start if I aspire to nurture a healthier culture? Here is a concise list of aspects of a workplace that are key, yet mostly overlooked in the business of doing business, in creating a sustainable community culture. Give your company an honest grade to see how you are doing and where there are areas begging for great improvement.


  • Vision for the future

  • Employee engagement

  • Awards/celebrations

  • Individual and team expectations

  • Narrative/messaging

  • Decision-making

  • Trust

  • Beliefs/perceptions

Management Workplace Practices

  • Recruitment

  • Employee selection

  • On-boarding

  • Rewards/recognition

  • Training/development

  • Mentoring/coaching

  • advancement/promotion

  • performance management

  • wellness

  • work/life balance (paid time off/leave)

  • workplace traditions

Policies and Philosophies

  • scheduling

  • hiring/compensation

  • code of conduct

  • workplace attendance

  • dress code

  • pay for performance/bonuses

  • internal transfers/promotions


  • Individual personalities

  • Values/beliefs

  • Skill/experience diversity

  • Individual behavior

  • Interactions occurring between employees

  • collaborative versus confrontational, supportive versus non-supportive, social versus task-oriented, etc

Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Clarity of M,V,V and are they really practiced and believed in your organization

  • Are employees inspired by them

  • Are they stable, well communicated/continuously emphasized

Work Environment

  • Physical Objects, artifacts/signs in your workplace

  • What’s on people’s desks

  • What’s hanging on the walls

  • How is space allocated

  • The general and specific look (color/furniture) of offices

  • How are common areas used


  • Degree/type/frequency of interaction/communication between leaders and employees

  • Degree/type/frequency of interaction/communication between managers and employees

  • Transparency in sharing information/making decisions

If you hold your workplace up to a mirror and evaluate these key aspects, how does your company rate? A+, C- or is your company in line to repeat a year?

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