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The Aligned Workplace

Leaders play a major role in creating and sustaining an organization's culture.  They are the source of beliefs and value systems in the workplace used to deal with problems relating to both external and internal challenges. Corporate performance is linked to strong ethical leadership. This isn't just about lifting employee morale, this is about doing good work in the world, having a defined culture and the structure to support it. The crux of success is being respected and having total stakeholder buy-in and an expansive bottom-line profit for sustained performance excellence. 


Organizations that support outdated values reinforce and reward workaholism, employee self-centeredness, over-control, dogmatism, and stubborn "my way or the highway" mentalities rendering participation in passionately doing one's job and fulfilling one's purpose an exercise in futility.  These broken cultural infrastructures lead to destructive results and lack of ethics in workplace behavior.

The answer?


Leadership that is grounded in an intrinsic motivation model incorporating vision, altruism, service, kindness and commitment, and overall mindful wellbeing is the answer to a productive, proactive, responsive, passionate workplace. Consider an inner life within the context of the organization, developing values, attitudes and behaviors that are necessary to motivate a sense of innate well being in all areas. This creates more of a purposeful call to inclusion, creating an empowered alignment across all areas from the individual employee to the team to the management fostering employee empowerment, organizational commitment, positive performance and social responsibility.   

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