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Energy Management for High Performance in the Workplace through balancing techniques 

Recovery Model for Team and Organizational Development & Transformation

Starting with the individual, the I, in learning, doing & being is the most integral part of change in any organization. Recognition that the I is not Separate from the We follows, and the commitment to the community is essential as it is self sustaining to the purpose each individual brings to the overall mission.

  • Healing the Heart of Conflict

  • Looking at the world through the lens of "Everything is Me" ~ Unity

  • Human Potential: Growth in the Power of belief in one's own potential

  • Preconditioned for Change: Positive behavior, change is rooted in motivation and self efficacy

  • Relationship and Positive Rapport with self and others

  • Effective goal setting for greatest potential and maximized productivity

  • Consistent Self Evaluation 

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Sample Techniques for Energy Management and Transmutation


  • Identification of proprioceptive place in the world​

  • Recognition of the tone of your body's language and resonance through the body's main energy centers​

  • Transmutation of the locations where emotions are held in the body​

  • Transformation of the body's place in the role of right physical action at the workplace


  • Identifying the source of thought through observation ​

  • Incorporating mindfulness techniques to understand what is real and what is self- limiting belief​

  • Integration of Spiritual Principle Truths for guidance towards decision-making and relationship building 


  • Techniques for pin-pointing the great work of your life​

  • Identify and support the underlying passions for fulfillment ​

  • Sharing time with like minds​ and sharing rituals, celebrations, and enriched experiences as a cohesive community 

  • Identifying one's purpose and mission in context of one's right work


  • Understanding mindset techniques for living in the Now​

  • Projection vs Observation​

  • Transforming egoic programming ​

  • Finding Joy

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