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6 Skills to Look for in a Workplace Happiness Architect

Simply being compatible isn't enough. The skills and abilities when choosing a support system to reinvigorate your culture are essential. At Inspired Action at Work, we don't just aspire to teach our philosophy, we embody it. 


Organizes Thoroughly and Thoughtfully: Careful preparation and well conceived "curriculum" that can be individualized for each client and every possible workplace dynamic is key to balancing the needs of the individual, team/group, & leadership.  

Creates Authentic Connection: Consider the interpersonal connection between the individual participants and the Happiness Architect to be of the utmost importance. Characteristics include empathy, authenticity, compassion, warmth, curiosity, respect and integrity among others.  


Naturally Embodies Mindfulness & Altruism for the Work: To embody a practice of workplace happiness is to bring the core attitudes of that philosophy to every situation. Non-judging, patience, beginner's mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance and letting go of any attachment to how it "should" look.


Guides others with Clarity and Intention: The well prepared happiness architect is expert in describing, explaining and guiding individuals, teams, departments, leadership on what they are invited to do as their part, including all the elements required to produce the desired outcome of organizational ecstacy. When minds or intentions wander, the architect brings their attention back through clear, precise, accurate language and accessibility without rigidity. 


Creatively Supports Inquiry and Curiosity:  The expert architect  conveys themes and using a wide range of tools and resources to support workplace happiness outcomes.


Navigates Group Dynamics like a Superhero:  The ideal architect creates a learning environment that "holds" the group and within which evolution takes place. The superhero happiness architect is one who is able to tune in to, connect with, and respond with grace to shifts and changes in group mood and characteristics.

Working Together


Contact us to discuss how you can contribute to creating an ideal working environment by making people feel like they're more valuable in your organization.

The Happy Workplace Reflects the World

Through a vision grounded in service to ALL stakeholders  employees develop a sense of purpose where, through their work, they begin to internalize that they are making a difference in other people's lives through which their life has meaning. They develop a sense of membership, community and commitment to the organization wherein they are being understood, appreciated and cared for as the leadership reveals the cultural values they propose. The process of creating this sense of belonging comes of techniques of mindset, relationship building, true appreciative inquiry, collaboration, inclusivity and genuinely caring for those in the organization as well as those they serve. 

Discover. Understand. Learn. Build Intrinsic Meaning. This is the secret to altruistic love of one's work and workplace. 

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